Leonie Sanderson, Director and co-founder, The Ageing Revolution.

Leonie co-founded The Ageing Revolution to create transformative change, develop better services and products and engage ageing as a beneficial part of the community. She is in her element coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems. The ageing of the population will be one of the biggest disruptions of the 21st Century. People aged 65+ are THE FASTEST growing demographic in Australia with 3.57 million people aged 65; 6 million by 2056 and they spend over $40,000 per household on services- that’s more than $60 billion dollars a year!

Apart from a brief sojourn as a pop star in Taiwan, Leonie has worked in academia, not-for-profits and government including managing the Queensland Government Offices for Seniors, Volunteering and Women. She has delivered innovative whole of government policies, implemented large scale projects and managed community engagement projects that incorporate technological and face to face solutions and facilitated events and discussion panels.

Simon Lowe, Director and co-founder, The Ageing Revolution.

Simon is committed to changing the paradigm, view and experience of ageing in Australia, through building thriving relationships between companies, government community organisations and older people. Recently graduated from the Sydney Leadership Course run by the Benevolent Society and a yoga teacher, his core belief is to practice the tenets of good partnership building and collaboration in order to get more done together, developing innovative solutions that create unprecedented business growth, resilience and profitable disruption.

As Manager of the Seniors Card program in NSW, Simon was the key driver for partnerships setting a benchmark in Australia on how State Government can work across Government departments and with corporates to achieve goals to service the public and meet policy objectives. Indeed, using this technique he ideated, designed and executed the inaugural Seniors Story Telling event that he hosted in partnership with The City of Sydney at Sydney Town Hall.