The Ageing Revolution works with business, community organisations and researchers to create innovative approaches to ageing.

We want everyone to embrace ageing as one of the best times in life.

Are you ready for the revolution?

Our Work


Strategy Development

From planning for an ageing workforce to corporate diversity strategies to partnership and collaboration approaches, we can help you capitalise on the opportunities of an ageing population.



We design and implement engagement strategies that utilise our unique approach using a combination of co-design, storytelling and in-depth hanging out.


Program Design

We specialise in the design of programs that focus on positive ageing and improved products and services using partnerships and collective impact, leading to better customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention.

Green the Street and The Ageing Revolution

This week has been a very green week as we took part in the wonderful Green the Street initiative. We've been collaborating with Real Serious Games to build the Virtual Reality Experience which explores what Gregory Terrace could look like 30 years into the future....

Woodford Folk Festival, here we come!

Simon and Leonie will be talking about ageism, the road trip, housing and how people limit themselves when it comes to ageing and growing older. Get ready for some fun but indepth conversation to round off 2017. Take a squiz at the Woodford program...

The Ageing Revolution on ABC 24

Hear Leonie talk about ageing and discrimination on ABC 24 Leonie on ABC 24 27 May 2017

Ageism:the next frontier, 16 June 2017, Sydney

A selection of images from our Vivid Ideas event, Ageism:the next frontier, held in Sydney. Big big thanks to Will Horner for the amazing photos.

Talking about Ageism at Vivid Sydney

The Ageing Revolution is proud to be a part of the Vivid Ideas Exchange program at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on Friday 16 June 2017. We'll be talking about ageism in the creative industries and issuing a challenge to think, well, creatively, about...

Ageism is not a simple problem

Recent proposals from the Federal Government to lift the pension age to 70 years have been responded to with fear and horror. Horror that we will all be required to work til we are 70 in order to afford any kind of standard retirement. Fear that older people will be...

Seniors Week at the Gold Coast – Robina International Cafe

Last week, we were lucky to be a part of the Robina International Cafe hosted at the Robina Community Centre by CURA/Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast. It was a wonderful day filled with amazing food and great stories from the people who stopped by to talk...

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