In 2017, The Ageing Revolution was fortunate to secure a grant to develop a new mobile app for carers. Our Care Journal aims to help make care easier for carers and the people around them. From our roadtrip, we know care is a major issue for many, especially as they age. We also know that to design anything person-centred, it’s essential to work with people for whom the design or product is intended. Enter the QUT School of Design. Professor Evonne Miller, Geraldine Donoghue, Dr Oksana Zelenko and Dr Alexandra Staneva partnered with us to deliver codesign workshops with carers and their families to challenge our assumptions about care and refine our technological approach to assisting with the caring process.

At the same time, creative techniques such as art and poetry were used to further explore the experience of caring. This moving work resulted in a stunning exhibition at The Cube that marked the official launch of Our Care Journal.

The exhibition details the love and emotions of caring for others – the ups and downs, the rewards, the difficulties and the ways that carers exhibit resilience in the face of a daunting role.

Go to the  Our Care Journal blog for more about the codesign process and its impact on the app.